Romney: We Need a President – Not a Secretary – Who Understands Business


mitt-romneyRepublican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said today that President Barack Obama doesn’t have any idea how business works. The Obama campaign shot back by saying that Romney doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Romney also blasted Obama for suggesting the creation of a secretary of business.

“We don’t need a secretary of business to understand business. We need a president who understands business,” Romney said during a visit to Integrity Windows, which is owned by a family that Obama praised during his convention speech.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. It isn’t clear that Romney understands business. He testified under oath on the value of one of Bain’s companies and its IPO a year later was for ten times that value. It took a government bailout to right the Olympics.

    And recently he has been running ads claiming that Chrysler is moving Jeep production to China. Not only is that false, Chrysler plans to increase Jeep production in Ohio; the reason it is going to produce Jeeps in China is China’s import restrictions, which will get worse if he gets elected and declares China to be a currency manipulator (which it isn’t). That will cause a trade war and devastate much of the US economy, as so many of the products we buy today are partially or entirely produced in China, including the computer I am using right now.

  2. #5 Even if Romney doesn’t understand business, and doesn’t help the economy, we know Obama is definitely not helping the economy, his derech is keeping the poor people, poor,and taxing the rich people, to pay for the government programs for poor people, these programs have been around for years and are here regardless of who wins, and it’s good because there will always be poor people, but most poor people want to live like a mentsh, and not need the government programs which Romney claims he will creete jobs, so the programs are generally not needed. Whether in the end he will help the economy we don’t know and it’s really up to Hashem, but why not give him a chance, he is definitely more pro America, and pro us than Obama


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