Ron Paul Calls for Boycott of Airlines Because of Patdowns


ron-paulAppearing on the Alex Jones Show yesterday, Texas Congressman Ron Paul expressed his outrage and disgust with the TSA and its unconstitutional body scanners and groping under the transparent pretense of protecting the American people from terrorists in distant caves.

 “If we tolerate this,” Paul said, “there’s something wrong with us.” He added that the American people deserve to be humiliated and demeaned by the government if they refuse to stand up and resist.

Paul predicted Americans will eventually boycott the airlines to put an end to the intrusive searches and the unconscionable use of dangerous backscatter radiation naked body scanners. “Maybe the Congress will get off their duffs and do something in January,” he said, “and insist we reign in the TSA.”

Responding to Alex Jones’ assertion that the TSA’s actions are akin to what the Nazis did in Germany during the 1930s, Ron Paul said that we long ago capitulated on “showing our papers” and now routinely provide Social Security numbers to employers and show our government issued driver’s license as an accepted form of identification.

Paul said due to pervasive coverage of TSA abuses by the corporate media, the American people are now beginning to ask serious questions about government conduct.

“I think it’s a healthy wake-up call to a lot of Americans,” Paul told Jones. “I just hope they can work that in to the whole concept of what’s been going on with our country for a long time – the government is too big and intrusive and abuses our rights and they do the things the shouldn’t be doing and they forget about the things they were instructed to do.”

Congressman Paul said in the course of his work representing the people of Texas he has to endure TSA abuse. “I have to go through that all the time because I have metal in my knees,” he explained. “I get prodded all the time and it is disgusting and I tell them so.”

When asked by Alex Jones if the TSA had subjected him to an “enhanced” screening, Ron Paul answered yes.

“Yes. Absolutely, and like I said, absolutely disgusting,” Paul responded.

He said he believes a boycott of the airlines will be necessary if we are going to force the government to back down. “I am going to be doing everything conceivable to try to change these rules because they are not making us safer, they aren’t better for us – it’s just to enhance the power of the state.”



  1. Finally a politician who talks sense. Let’s boycott the airlines! It’s such a practical thing to do! Who cares that no one in their right mind would refuse to ride a plane if they had to be somewhere?! Let’s stick it to that nasty TSA and the airlines anyways!
    Seriously though, I thought Republicans were all about invading people’s privacy in the name of security. What about the patriot act? They loved that.

  2. The one thign that nobody seems to be observing here is that the movement against TSA procedures signals a shift in the political and ideological orientation of Americsn conservatism, from a Straussian, Hobbesian belief that we must sacrifice all indiviaul liberty to the government for the sake of security, to a more Lockean civil libertarian orientation which honors man’s natural rights and ability to have autonomy over his own G-d-given body. This is all taken from an article in political theory I have published.


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