Rosh Chodesh Elul: Women of the Wall Lose Again

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women of the wallToday, the second day of Rosh Chodesh Elul, hundreds of G-d-fearing Yidden gathered at the Kosel to prevent the rabble-rousing Women of the Wall (WoW) group from holding its monthly “prayer service” at the Kosel.

About 200 WoW rabble rousers were forced to gather in a different area of the Kosel Plaza because the ezras noshim at the Kosel was too packed.

Several hundred of the Yidden at the Kosel sang, and davened, and even blew whistles to make it clear that the continued provocation by the radical WoW group would not be tolerated.

No arrests were made by Yerushalayim police, who stood nearby.

The WoW provocateurs, who wore talleisim and even blew shofars as they held their service, were escorted by police from the entrance of the Kosel to the plaza area and were then surrounded by a barricade.

Three months ago, the Yerushalayim District Court handed down a ruling stating that women are permitted to wear talleisim and pray according to their own customs at the Kosel. That has previously been forbidden as police enforced a 2003 Supreme Court ruling and Justice Ministry directives that upheld the Regulations for the Protection of Holy Places to the Jews, prohibiting religious ceremonies that are “not according to local custom” or that “may hurt the feelings of the worshipers” at the site.

Buses from Yerushalayim and Bnei Brak brought chareidi girls to the Kosel to counter the WoW effort, which began at about 7 a.m. and was streamed live on the internet.

The minyan at the Kosel held simultaneously was attended by the rov of the Kosel, Rav Shmuel Rabinovitz, with Rav Yaakov Adas leading the davening on the loudspeaker. Click here for video.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. i dont get it. blowing whistles at the kosel for no other reason that to distrupt these women? how many other people did they disturb? besides i would think that chillul hashem trumps this “sin”.

  2. its so interesting. jews are not allowed any place near where the muslims hold services so as not to disturb them, but a cult of jewish women is permitted at the kotel even tho their being there disturbs others at their (authentic) prayers

  3. So let’s understand: The Women of the Wall blew shofars, which is a Jewish practice.

    Their opponents blew whistles, which isn’t a Jewish practice.

  4. Perhaps NO one should go to the Kosel when they come… for 3 months. Completely ignore them. You’ll see that they will stop coming. You really think that they want to daven to Hashem? All they want is publicity. Nobody looks at them, they’re all a bunch of losers.

  5. Just to add to Reb Simcha’s comment (#1). Not only did WOW win because of the coverage they got, but what of the inappropriate behavior of the whistle blowers, onlookers and gawkers. Is this not more inappropriate behavior than that of WOW.

  6. #10:

    Understand this:

    1. The Women off the Wall blew shofars, which is a non-Jewish practice for women.

    2. Their opponents blew whistles, which is a Jewish practice to protest the blatant desecration of G-d and his Torah.

  7. The guy in the photo is lovely. He has a whistle in his mouth, making a loud noise. And he has his fingers in his ears, so he can’t hear.

    You know who else behaves like that? A child, when he’s throwing a tantrum.

  8. You know what we lost – we lost allot. We lost the precious neshomos commenting here that nebach stick up for WOW. That is the truly sad commentary. Those that daven in protest at the Kosel as per direction of Gedolei Yisroel deserve the support of anyone that cares about the Torah…

  9. Apparently people don’t know he definition of a Kiddush H-shem and Chillul H-shem…we don’t care what the goyim will say and we don’t care what the secular press will say all we care about is H-shem’s honor and protecting it!!! That why when i yell Shabbos at a car that drives by me, I am making a kiddush H’shem even though the chilonim and non jew think i am acting wrongly…same goes with this situation! we are standing up for Kavod H’shem so how in the world could that be called a chillul H-shem!!!!????

  10. I may be wrong, but my assumption is that the guy is plugging his ears so as not to hear the women of WOW singing out loud and blowing a whistle to illustrate his contempt for the value of their “service.” If they can create customs then why not join the free for all.

  11. It is beyond disturbing that in pursuit of their “right” to pray according to their custom WoW disregards G-D’s customs and practices. What type of religion are your celebrating if you could care less about what G-D wants?

  12. Great blow your whistles drowned them out do what it takes to stop these ingrates they destroyed yiddishkeit in America. Now they want to do the same in Israel.


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