Rouhani: Iran Will Not Dismantle Nuke Facilities

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hasan-rouhani-iranHassan Rouhani, Iran’s new president, has insisted that Tehran will not dismantle its nuclear facilities, as advocated by Israel and US hawks but has held out hope for an end to its long estrangement with Washington.

In an interview with the Financial Times in Tehran, Mr Rouhani struck a tough line on Iran’s expectations over a comprehensive nuclear deal to be negotiated following last weekend’s landmark interim pact.

“One hundred per cent [no],” he said when asked about dismantling nuclear facilities.

While the centrist president, who was elected in June, said nuclear weapons had no place in Iran’s defence strategy, he made clear that Tehran was determined to maintain a uranium enrichment programme for peaceful purposes.

Read more at The Financial Times.

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  1. You Americans and western nations! You’re so foolish! I laugh in your face! Do you think we will ever abandon our nuclear program? You west people you lifted the sanctions against Iran and now we’re free to do what we want! We fooled you! We laugh at you!


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