Rouhani Tells an Israeli Agent How to Deal with Iran

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hasan-rouhani-iranOn August 30, 1986, Amiram Nir, prime minister Shimon Peres’ adviser on counterterror who was working undercover as a U.S. envoy, met with Hassan Rouhani, the current president of Iran, to discuss ways to facilitate the release of seven U.S. hostages then being held in Lebanon.

Rouhani, deputy chairman of the Majlis at the time, gave the Israeli the following advice:

“First and foremost, you have to be firm with [Iranian leader Ayatollah] Khomeini. Stand strongly before him.”

“If you don’t bare sharp teeth before Khomeini, you’re going to have troubles all over the world. [But] if you threaten him with military force, he’ll kiss your hand and run.”

Nir wore a wire and the conversation was recorded.

Rouhani added:”If we analyze Khomeini’s character, we will see that if someone strong stands opposite him, he will retreat 100 steps; and if he is strong and someone weak faces him, he will advance 100 steps.”

“Unfortunately, you have taken a mistaken approach. You have been soft to him. Had you been tougher, your hand would be on top.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Very interesting.
    More interesting, however, are the circumstances surrounding the death of Amiram Nir, at the age of 38, in a mysterious plane crash in Mexico in 1988.


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