Rov Of The Kosel To Help Collect Tzedakah

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Rav Shmuel Rabinovich, rov of the Kosel and Holy Places, will soon be authorized to help people collect tzedakah even though this is generally illegal for public servants.

“The rov of the Kosel will be permitted to transfer requests for assistance from needy people to donors who have expressed a desire to contribute to such a cause, provided that he does not raise funds and does not turn to the donors on his own initiative,” the proposal stated.

“The rov of the Kosel in fact serves under three hats – as rov of the Kosel and Holy Places, as the Custodian of the Holy Places, and as chairman of the government non-profit Western Wall Heritage Foundation,” the proposal explained. “Under his hat as a rov, the rov of the Kosel routinely receives requests from needy people who knock on his door, and need financial help. Traditionally, community rabbonim have worked throughout the generations to help the needy through contributions from wealthy people who relied on them, and trusted them to distribute the donations fairly.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


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