Rove: Joe Biden Will Be In 2016 Race


joe-bidenVice President Joe Biden is going to be in the 2016 presidential race regardless of what Hillary Clinton decides to do and he should be, Karl Rove said on Monday.

“I think he get’s in regardless,” Rove said on Fox in response to whether or not other potential Democrats should go start going to Iowa or wait to see what Hillary Clinton decides to do.

“There’s nothing to be lost by anybody . . . There’s no disadvantage to [the Democratic candidates] going to Iowa and these early states, and starting to poke around, build relationships, start the nucleus of an organization and to flesh out their messages because they don’t know if she’s going to run or not.”

Rove thinks the reason the 2016 race is beginning to shape up so early is because President Barack Obama has already become a weak, lame duck president, and people are beginning to look forward to who the next president might be.

“I have a theory. The political system sort of makes a judgement as to when you’re going to turn the page on a president in his second term. And the sooner you start to turn that page, the more that activity to replace the president starts to ramp up,” Rove explained.

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