Rubio Hits Trump on Israel

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In a rare frontal assault on Donald Trump, Marco Rubio on Wednesday attacked the GOP front-runner by name for his statements on Israel, Eliza Collins reports for POLITICO.

“The front-runner in this race, Donald Trump, has said he’s not going to take sides on Israel versus the Palestinians because he wants to be an honest broker,” the Florida senator said during a rally in Houston. “Well, there is no such thing as an honest broker in that. Because the Palestinian Authority, which has strong links to terror, they teach little kids that it’s a glorious thing to kill Jews.”




  1. Rubio is clearly the best of the remaining Republican candidates. The Republicans should nominate him.

    I say that even though I am a Democrat who fears that he may be the Republicans’ strongest candidate against Clinton or Sanders.

    But I want the best for the United States.

  2. My run down on these smippies:

    1. Rubio- Thinks Israel is a coin store for the blind

    2. Trump- Thinks Israel is a camera for his photo-ops. Save the shalom and hold the bitter.

    3. Carson- What is Israel? Is that the quarter that was in the operating room that I thought was just called gelt?

    4. Kasich- Smart Guy. Knows who Israel is. Wants a good future.

    5. Cruz- “I put on my pom poms and should Israel Israel”. Yet he has forgotten he is not a woman in cheerleading outfits. Really, if Cruz thinks he has values, he should fix more voice in his own liberty. He has the greatest mention of Israel but the least understanding of Israel needs for Jewish-christian relations.

    On the other side-

    1. Bernie- Israel is where the jews are. He will go there to have his hashbrowns and ham.

    2. Hillary- Probably not anti-Israel. When will she discuss the matter further?

    Still, I can not think any of these smippies have any future for our nation in America or in Israel other than to hopefully say that they support the jews. It might be better but they are weak.

    Good to think we can hope for a good president someday. This might not be the election.



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