Rubio: I Don’t Want to be Trump’s VP

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Little Marco doesn’t want it. Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) says that he has no interest in becoming Donald Trump’s running mate.

“While Republican voters have chosen Donald Trump as the presumptive GOP nominee, my previously stated reservations and concerns with many of his policies remain unchanged,” he said in a Facebook post.

“He will be best served by a running mate and by surrogates who fully embrace his campaign. As such, I have never sought, will not seek and do not want to be considered for vice president.

“Instead, I will focus my attention on representing the people of Florida, retaining a conservative majority in the Senate and electing principled conservatives across the country.”

Trump responded by slamming Little Marco, stating on Twitter: “It is only the people that were never asked to be VP that tell the press that they will not take the position.”




  1. Marco presents real funny voice.

    But trust that Trump is more than a joke.

    Marco must risk fixing his agenda for just the Trump limited gain.

    This is clearly going to be a toilet full of adpiring Trump running mates. They should all be flushed well and maybe Trump will pick the biggest virulent snare for his hate entrapment of America.

    Marco gets a little look at the chain that can be pulled for the flush.

    Goos story of course. No one wants to really care about Trump non-valued hopes.

    Flush them well Trump. They are barely worth vetting for the age.



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