Ruddy to New York Times: ‘Trump Is Rebuilding Brand of the United States’

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Donald Trump is radically changing the “optics” of the presidency as he embraces the “pomp-and-patriotism visuals” to project himself as a unifying commander-in-chief, Maggie Haberman of the New York Times reported according to Newsmax.

The billionaire businessman’s image-building could be transformational, Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy told the Times. “He wants to redevelop the brand of the presidency of the United States,” Ruddy told the newspaper. “He says the brand is tarnished. He’s a brand guy.”

When it comes to fixing America’s image around the world, Ruddy argues Trump is the right man for the job. “His business was significantly about his brand,” Ruddy added. “He built some buildings, he ran some casinos, but Trump was all about the Trump brand, and I think this is a brand job.”





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