RUDY BREAKS IT DOWN: Watch: Giuliani Lays Out President Trump’s Pathways To Victory

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  1. With the certification of results from Nevada and Pennsylvania today, Biden is guaranteed to have 270 electoral votes. There is no path to Trump staying in office except to get Congress to refuse to accept the electors. That requires majority votes in both houses of Congress, which is unlikely (although Rashida Tlaib probably would prefer Trump to Biden). The courts no longer have any role to play, so Trump can save the $20k/day he is wasting on Rudy.

  2. This is beyond sad.
    Rudy Giuliani, TIME’s former man of the the year, the man who brought NYC back from the abyss in the 1990’s, is now hawking the craziest of the crazy conspiracy theories about the 2020 election. And then, in the middle of his rantings, he pauses to spend a couple of minutes to sell us smokes in a CIGAR COMMERCIAL????!!!

    It’s painful to see how far he’s fallen.


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