Rudy Giuliani Endorses Donald Trump

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Former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani confirmed today that he will vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming New York Republican primary.

“I support Trump. I’m gonna vote for Trump,” he told the New York Post. “Trump is a negotiator,” the famed mayor explained. “He negotiates from a high bar to get people’s attention. Threatening to withdraw from NATO will get a better deal with NATO.”

Giuliani added that Ted Cruz’s attacks on “New York values” irked him because, “It’s New York City. We’re family. I can make fun of New York. But you can’t!” Read more at the New York Post.



  1. Shalomke
    He don’t need your respect
    He helped ny after dinkins destroyed ny with his crown heights pogrom. Only Trump will get us out of our mess. Vote Trump.

  2. I can’t believe this! I really like Giulani. The world is truly going crazy when respectable and once normal people are supporting a nut case like Trump. I even agree with many of Trump’s positions, but he is not a responsible person and is not someone I want with his finger on so many important buttons. What is up with this world?!

  3. He may get us out of messes. But he’s going to create a whole bunch of new ones because of his crash and burn style. To me, anybody who likes Trump, especially Yidden, just has too much of golus to realize how harmful and potentially dangerous he really is. I not an alarmist by nature and I have never been so disturbed by a candidate as I am by Trump.

  4. Giuliani was an excellent mayor who did a spectacular job of cleaning up the mess the horrific Dinkins and last four out-of-control years of Koch’s administrations left behind. He brought a city that was called “ungovernable” under control and I would gladly vote for him if he ran for President.
    That said, even politicians I respect have some opinions I disagree with sharply, and this endorsement is at the very top of that list. Sorry, Rudy.


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