Rudy Giuliani Rips ‘Intellectually Challenged’ Bill De Blasio Amid Riots, Says He’s Worse Than Dinkins

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Rudy Giuliani blasted Mayor de Blasio’s handling of the rioting and looting that has gripped the city this week, saying the current occupant of Gracie Mansion is unfit for office and “intellectually challenged.”

“The mayor’s performance is dreadful. He’s doing everything you can do that’s wrong, just like he did during the pandemic,” the former mayor said. “I have already urged the governor to remove him. I know it’s an extraordinary thing but … He is acting in such an irresponsible way.”

Giuliani, 76, served in City Hall from 1994 to 2001, taking over in the midst of a historic crime wave presided over by his predecessor David Dinkins. During Dinkins’ tenure, the city endured more than 2,000 murders per year and deadly race riots in Crown Heights and Washington Heights.

Giuliani insisted de Blasio has performed worse.

“Dinkins never lost the complete respect of the police department. He didn’t do things where he went on the warpath against them,” Giuliani said, adding that if he were still in charge he would have pre-empted the riots. “It would have been solved about two weeks ago. They never would have gotten beyond the first car they burned, rock they threw, person they beat up,” he said. “If you throw a rock you get arrested, if you spit at a cop you get arrested … Call me a Nazi or Hitler. I don’t care.” Read more.



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