Rules Of The Sukkah Dr Seuss Style

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rules-of-the-sukkahAs we draw near to Sukkos, we thought we would share this highly educational and humorous infographic explaining the rules of the sukkah (with footnotes from the Mishnah Torah) in an entertaining Dr Seuss-style rhyme.You can finds the full text and footnotes at and for more Sukkos related resources visit

Rules of the Sukkah – An infographic by

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  1. This is footnote # 14. “Traditionally, women, servants and minors are patur from the Mitzvah of Sukkah. In our day we hope we know better than to read out half the Jewish people from the observance of Mitzvot. Of course, that’s just a personal opinion of the author.”
    NEBACH NEBACH NEBACH, halacha didn’t change because of your idiotic liberal mindset. Mamish Kefira and ruins the whole cutesy idea you had over idea which otherwise had potential.

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