Rumor About Na Nach Petek Saving Yeshiva Bochur’s Life at Kever Arizal Spreads

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nah-nachA unconfirmed story has been spreading fast in Israel, with most people just saying that it is nothing but a silly rumor or a figment of someone’s creative imagination. The story being related in mikvaos, restaurants, shuls and on the street is that on Sunday, the yahrtzeit of the Arizal, as thousands gathered  in Tzefas at the kever of the Arizal, a yeshiva bochur supposedly fainted and stopped breathing. A woman, a Mrs. Zupnick, wife of R’ Aron Zupnik, was standing nearby in the bais hakevaros. According to the way the story is being related, she quickly put a petek – a paper that stated “Na Nach Nachma Nachman Mei’Uman” – on the boy. After nothing happened, she allegedly stuck it into his shirt. The boy then opened his eyes and regained consciousness, according to the story.

{Yair Israel}


  1. There are many factors which can cause heat stress and heat-related illness, including:
    Dehydration – to keep healthy, our body temperature needs to stay around 37°C. The body cools itself by sweating, which normally accounts for 70 to 80 per cent of the body’s heat loss. If a person becomes dehydrated, they don’t sweat as much and their body temperature keeps rising.
    Sun exposure – especially on hot days, between 11am and 3pm.
    Hot and crowded conditions – people attending large events in hot or crowded conditions may also experience heat stress that can result in illness.
    Very often when people faint, because of heat stress or similar, they revive after a minute or two. If someone nudges the system on, by pulling on their shirt for example, this can speed up the process.

  2. What kind of nonsense is this? Do you print every stupid bobbe mayseh that comes along? I thought this website was somewhat more discerning than some others.

    When you publicize and repeat nonsense, you strengthen it. I don’t think you want that.

  3. be happy – not this again, please, not the disgrace of reb moshe – please! I wish people would stop defaming gedolim by saying they were for such things. No, reb moshe never was maskim to their narrishkeit – all he said was, for the last time already, that they should have a bracha in printing rav nachman’s seforim, which they do.

    Oy. Torah and mitzvos bring moshiach – not some posthumously written letter saying to sing some incnatation. PLus, tyhe forger of the letter came forward years ago saying that it was a prank on the tzadik rav yisroel dov odeser, who at that time, was not in his complete mind; he believed the letter to have been actually written by rav nachman, years after his petirah. Never mind the fact that there’s no mesorah(or sense) in saying that tzadikim write letters after their petirah, but the forger came forward admiting it was all a joke!


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