Rush Limbaugh Calls Obama a ‘Chamor,’ Idiot, Ignoramus

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rush-limbaugh-obamaABC News’ Steven Portnoy reports: Derision of the president on his program is nothing new, but Rush Limbaugh’s tone yesterday may have struck the ears of regular listeners as particularly disdainful, taking his contempt of the president to a new level.

The nation’s preeminent conservative talk radio host referred to Mr. Obama as the English equivalent of a ‘chamor,’ an “economic illiterate” and an “idiot, where capitalism is concerned.”

The rough stuff came during a monologue on the president’s position on extending the Bush tax cuts to all but the top two percent of wage earners.

Obama, Limbaugh says, is an “economic ignoramus” for not understanding how a “tax increase” on the wealthy won’t stimulate growth.

Quoting an AP article from yesterday, Limbaugh pointed out Obama’s remarks at a meeting of his Economic Recovery Advisory Board that the wealthy would “take our ball and go home” if their tax cuts aren’t extended.

Limbaugh then addressed the following line to the president directly:

“Mr. Obama, our imam-child, they have already taken their trillion dollar ball home, and they’re sitting on it, you [chamor].”

(Limbaugh’s been calling the president “Imam Obama” for several months now.)

“Extend the tax cut to everybody, and you’ll inspire confidence,” Limbaugh argued, saying that added degree of certainty would free business to spend some of the capital they’re holding onto and hire people, “which, once upon a time, we were told, was Obama’s top priority.”

For not getting this, “He’s a [chamor]. He’s an economic illiterate. He’s an economic ignoramus.”

“And that’s being charitable,” Limbaugh said.

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  1. Not that I disagree with Mr. Limbaugh, but I wonder what percent of wage earners he is in.

    You think he might be “noge’a b’davar”?

  2. I guess Limbaugh can”t afford to pay 3% more in taxes on his $ 40,000,000 + annual salary. If he pays taxes at all. I thought he was leaving the country after the imam was elected. What keeps him here do you think.

  3. The “chamor” was created in the 6 days of creation, not as a US citizen, that’s why they don’t have the right to the USA Presidency.

  4. I agree…the man is ruining the US, in the next two years before he leaves office, we are on a big road downhill,a five year old running a business

  5. I may agree with Rush on many issues regarding Obama, but calling him a Chamor isnt going to help towards the more substantial issues that Obama needs to be called out about.

  6. Obama is what we all know he is. Yiden should veer away from calling him any names. But no one stops us from davening that his policies should fail and that he, and the Carters and the Clintons, and the Ahmad#@&%s of the world should fall once and for good.

  7. I doubt that he used the word “chamor”. He undoubtedly used the English equivalent which starts with the letter “a” and fits in so well with his statement: “Mr. Obama, our imam-child, they have already taken their trillion dollar ball home, and they’re sitting on it, you [chamor].”

  8. The symbol of the Democratic party is a Chamor, so why the hullaballoo about the name calling. All democrats are chamorim.

  9. why would a frum online newspaper act so unmenshlich and quote a very immoral person who calls the president a chamor ? how can this frum newspaper quote an achzor who is irrelevant except to [1] hicks in middle america and [2] people whose religion is contained in the editorial section of the WSJ ? Matsav portrays RL as newsworthy. Yet he has no ratings on his radio show in New York which is why he can never get into a money making part of the NY market, since NY is on the whole more educated than the rest of the country and isnt ignorantly jingoistic. If anyone is friends with the editor of matzav they ought to counsel him.


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