Rush Limbaugh: Don’t Blame Talk Radio, Fox News For Shooting


rush-limbaughRush Limbaugh lashed out today at critics who linked the Tucson shootings to the confrontational, gun-themed rhetoric of conservatives such as Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.

Limbaugh’s talking points are a guide to the ways in which the political right — from establishment Republicans in Washington to the Tea Party at the grassroots level — will fight back against attempts to tie them to Jared Lee Loughner.

The political coverage of the Loughner story is “childish and immature,” Limbaugh said, but apparently threatening enough for the top-rated talk show host to spend his entire show undermining it as best he could.

His list of points:

LOUGHNER IS A LONE NUT. Even “the Obama government” — the FBI — calls Loughner a “deranged, insular irrational kid” who acted alone, Limbaugh said. “The kid was evil. He was into the occult. He had an altar with a skull in his yard. Was God in his life? He was stalking the congresswoman.”

HEAVY METAL. “The guy listened to heavy metal, and some of that anarchist stuff. We’re dealing with an insane individual.”

DIDN’T WATCH FOX. “There is no evidence that he listened to talk radio. There is no evidence he listened to Fox News. There is no evidence that he saw Sarah Palin’s Facebook page. No evidence he saw her lame website with the crosshairs.”

THE PARENTS. “Where are the parents? Are they derelicts? He was so devoted to marijuana he wanted to make it the new U.S. currency. Did anyone try to institutionalize him?”

SHERIFF COVERING HIS OWN BACK. “This kid sounds like he was very well known as a dangerous element around town. If there is a file somewhere about this kid in the sheriff’s office,” said Rush, and the sheriff had failed to act, then he would be partly responsible for the tragedy in Arizona on Saturday. “If he was so concerned about the Tea Party, where was security for this congresswoman’s event on Saturday?”

DUPNIK IS A DEMOCRAT. “This Sheriff, Clarence Dupnik, is an anti-conservative.”

WHERE’S THE SAFETY NET? “Loughner is obviously deranged, so where’s the left’s safety net? Haven’t we spent trillions of dollars to build a system to catch these disturbed people? Where is the evidence that their compassion works?”

THE OKLAHOMA CITY TEMPLATE. “Sad tragedies, where people die, are seen first as political opportunities by these people,” Rush said. “The Republicans had nothing to do with the bombing at Oklahoma City, but it was seen as a political opportunity for Bill Clinton. This is now the same template.”

CRIMINALIZING SPEECH. “They’re shutting down any opposition and criminalizing it. They’ve had a plan filed away in a drawer to take away as many of our political freedoms as they can. The Democrats just lost an election, and now the only other thing they can try to do is silence the opposition.”

HYPOCRITES ON VIOLENCE. It’s not the right, Limbaugh said, but the left that glorifies criminal behavior and violent imagery. “‘No, no,’ they say, ‘that’s art!’ Rap music? ‘That’s art!'”

DEMOCRATS ARE GHOULS. They privately are thankful for Tucson because “they think it advances their sick and perverted purposes.” Mark Penn, who was Bill Clinton’s polltaker, said — before Tucson — that “Obama needs his own Oklahoma City.”

DEMOCRATS v. THE MAJORITY. By linking Loughner to the right, Limbaugh warned, Democrats are “taking aim at a majority of the people in the country. This is not 1988, or 1993, when the drive-by media had total control. I am not going to be silenced,” he said, but now he has too many allies. “They’re accusing a majority of Americans of being accomplices to murder.”

A DIRECT DENIAL. “At no time has anybody ever called for violence,” Limbaugh said. “We’ve never subtly promoted it.” And, by the way, the Democrats’ language is and was worse.

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  1. O you missed a whole bunch. What about the fact that this guy was a leftist – according to hi friend, and a lot of them HATE her for not being totally on the left.

    And also, he started talking about doing this 3 years ago, before Palin, Tea Party etc….!

  2. Most of the points are valid except for a few:
    1. Like most knee-jerk conservatives, he tries to blame heavy metal music for this guy’s behavior. There is plenty of metal out there that goes against this sort of behavior. He mentions rap too but he is stereotyping that genre as well. Not all people who listen to rap are metal are criminals or even potential criminals. But of course people like him like to either stand at a distance and point their fingers or hold up a few extreme examples of violent music to “prove” their point in smearing an entire genre. They’ve tried censoring the music and the courts have time and again rejected their illogical, unsubstantiated claims.
    2. He’s quite hypocritical on the safety net remark because if it were up to him there would not even be a safety net in the first place. I bet he’ll even use this as yet another rationalization to tear it down.
    3. I agree that tragedies are often turned into political opportunities yet he only lays it on the Democrats’ shoulders. Didn’t Giuliani and Bush try to capitalize off of 9/11?
    4. Democrats glorifying criminal behavior? Now who’s playing politics with a tragedy? Oh and Republicans were enthusiastic supporters of both wars which killed far more people than the criminals he claims are “supported” by the Dems. Thus many more people were killed “legally” than illegally.
    5. The tragedy supports Obama’s purposes? Well maybe. Just like 9/11 supports Bush’s purposes. Obviously if 9/11 had not happened then Bush would not have had as much domestic support for the war in Iraq since he framed that war partially in terms of the war on terror. And there are clear indications that he and his advisers had a war with Iraq on their minds even before he was elected.
    6. I think most will agree that the majority Rush talks about is certainly closer to the Democrats than to his own views. I am not saying that most people are left wing or Democrats but they are definitely more moderate than him.

    Other than these points, I agree. Where were the parents? Why wasn’t there more security? Why wasn’t he locked up? Why are people trying to blame this on right-wingers when it’s the gunman himself that made the decision to do what he did? And what I find especially strange is that left-wingers are pointing fingers at the right when the gunman already identified himself as a far-left radical (although it can be difficult to distinguish between the left-wing and right-wing conspiracy theorists).

  3. Let these Liberals keep it up. In a week or two this story will be off the headlines and the media will move on to the next story. We the people/voter, will keep these Liberals in mind by the next election. They will lose even more seats & will lose the Presidentcy & the Senate! Let them keep talking!

  4. You may not agree with every point he raises, but there is not question that the liberal left is trying to create a right monster that doesn’t exist for their own political motives. It’s dirty business

  5. Limbaugh was not stereotyping rap or heavy metal. rather he was saying that usually a violent or criminalistic individual will favor these specific genres. there is a difference between saying that people who are criminals listen to heavy metal, than saying people who listen to heavy metal are criminals. once again thank you Rush and continue your good work. All those who try to demonize individuals such as Limbaugh or Hannity (who happen to be the biggest pro-Israel and pro-Jewish talk-show hosts) are simply jealous of their success.

  6. #6: Ok I agree that there is a difference between the two but the message Rush was trying to send is very clear: There is a fundamental link between those sorts of music and violent behavior and therefore you should listen to what I tell you to listen to. In fact, as you can see in the above quote, Rush made a clear association between his mental health/behavior and heavy metal. If he didn’t think the type of music the shooter listened to wasn’t important then why would he mention it? Of course it isn’t important since people aren’t robots whose behavior depends on what kind of music they listen to. As I said, the guy was already nuts and he didn’t need to listen to metal or rap music with violent lyrics to make him any more or less crazy.

  7. Reply to #7. When i wrote my comment i agreed with you 100% however after that i happened to see a music video from a certain heavy metal band that absolutely repulsed me. Just listening to the music you might not get their driving agenda, however after watching their video where they unashamedely show their true agendas you understand that all they stand for and embody is criminal. they condone and encourage criminal and violent behavior. (for all those who want to see first-hand, watch disturbed-asylum official music video.)


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