Rush Limbaugh: Katie Couric Destroyed CBS News


rush-limbaughAs news spreads that Katie Couric will be departing as anchor of the CBS Evening News, radio giant Rush Limbaugh says Couric simply “destroyed” the network when it comes to viewership.

A network executive told the Associated Press last night that Couric is leaving her anchor post less than five years after becoming the first woman to solely helm a network TV evening newscast.

On his nationally broadcast radio show today, Limbaugh, a frequent critic of Couric, said, “I’m sorry, Katie, but you know facts are facts. You guys might own the narrative, but we have the facts here, and ‘CBS Evening News’ ratings are the lowest in history. And don’t think if that ever happened to my ratings, people would report that. I’m sure the stories are already written. …

“The fact is, ladies and gentlemen, that she destroyed it. The network news ratings for CBS just plummeted.”

The AP story by David Bauder included information about high-profile awards Couric’s newscast received, with which Limbaugh took issue.

“Here’s Mr. Bauder writing ‘Despite the ratings problems, the “CBS Evening News” won the Edward R. Murrow Award as best newscast in 2008 and 2009.’ Now if that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about the state of broadcast journalism in this day and age, the absolute lowest-rated newscast wins the highest award possible. What have I always said about liberalism? Failure is a résumé enhancement. These people circle the wagons.”

Couric reportedly earns $15 million per year as anchor, and no official date of departure has been announced, though her contract expires June 4.

“We’re having ongoing discussions with Katie Couric,” said CBS News spokeswoman Sonya McNair told AP. “We have no announcements to make at this time. Until we do, we will continue to decline comment on rumor or speculation.”

As WND reported in March 2007, an unscientific poll of America Online users suggested Couric was personally responsible for the ratings plunge at CBS, as 8 in 10 respondents said the move by the former co-host of NBC’s “Today” show to CBS was a bad decision for both Couric and the Tiffany Network.

With some 300,000 votes in the survey, 82 percent responded “No” when asked “Was switching to CBS a good move for Couric?” and 78 percent also answered in the negative when asked, “Was choosing Couric a good move for CBS?”

When given two choices of where they’d rather watch Couric – on “Today” or the “CBS Evening News” – only 11 percent chose her current position. Regarding predictions of Couric’s future ratings at CBS, a majority – 55 percent – felt they would continue to plummet, while 32 percent thought they’d remain constant, and 13 percent expected a jump.



  1. Well, well. And she was the one who detroyed Palin with her editing.. And so many others.

    She happens to be a low-life in her personal life as well. Rotten through and through

  2. No editing was neccessary with the dim wited Palin. when parodies were made of her instead of taking grotesquely exagareted statments that werent actually said by the one being parodied, in Palin’s case they merely repeated her quotes verbatim.
    Are you really criticing her personal life? Why becasue she wasnt married as many times as Rush?
    Or am I destroying your comment by editing?

  3. And worse then anything,

    A bad reporter!

    She didnt destroy Palin, Palin never belonged there in the first place,

    Couric was just plain no-good.

  4. as we hope most of the matzav readers don’t have a television (whatever that is) I don’t know why this story is relevant

  5. It’s about time she stepped down! The anti human Liberal media tried in vain to pump her up but thank G-D it failed.
    Good riddance

  6. Verby is right. The article indirectly encourages the use of a television. All the gedolim are against this.

  7. RL isn’t regarded as anything but a bufoon by all of the conservative intelligentsia so why would this media outlet post something about him – a big menuval who lies for living and is dovrced 3 times- regarding an irrelevant topic like this one for klal yisroel to see with its eyes?

  8. Ayein wikipedia and you’ll see that she is possibly jewish and seemed to be a family person. I can’t say I know about her personal life now and if I did I would be embarrased to admit it because as a yid its wrong and as a bar seichel why should anyone care. I strongly agree with the posters here and on other such articles that this has no place on “the news for torah jewry”. When did matzav and affiliates decide to talk about things which have nothing to do with torah jewry ?


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