Rush Limbaugh Named Top Talk Radio Host By Influential Trade Mag; 9 of Top 10 Are Anti-Obama

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rush-sean-beckRush Limbaugh remains the top dog in talk radio, says the influential trade magazine Talkers. The magazine has just released its annual “Heavy Hundred” list – a reference to influence, not weight, and it praises Limbaugh as “the most-listened-to talk host and more relevant culturally than ever.”

The top rungs of the list also confirm something that No. 2 talker, Sean Hannity, said on the eve of the 2008 Presidential election.

“I don’t think it would be good for the country if Barack Obama is elected President,” Hannity said. “But I have to say it would be great for talk radio.”

Sixteen months later, the debate continues over Hannity’s first point. There’s no question he was right about the second one, because having a “bad guy” in the White House has sent a surge of electricity through the talk radio world.

The top four talkers – Limbaugh, Hannity, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage – have all been non-stop, full-time critics of pretty much everything about Obama except his shoelaces and his toothpaste.

The top 10 also includes non-Obama fans Laura Ingraham, No. 6, and Mark Levin, No. 8.

In fact, advice guru Dr. Laura Schlessinger (No. 5), and finance guys Dave Ramsey (No. 7) and Lou Dobbs (No. 9) don’t much care for Obama, either.

Only Thom Hartmann, at No. 10, has had any encouraging words for the prez.

Talkers publisher Michael Harrison, a former morning host at WNEW-FM in New York, says the list is compiled on “courage, effort, impact, longevity, potential, ratings, recognition, revenue, service, talent and uniqueness.”

He has repeatedly stressed that the list is subjective, “as much art as science.”

While conservative talkers dominate the top of the list, this year’s does have a growing presence of non-conservatives just below the top rung. Besides Hartmann, the top 25 includes Ed Schultz, Joe Madison, Alan Colmes and Stephanie Miller.

None have ratings approaching those of the top conservatives, but Talkers is clearly considering satellite radio, online listening and other non-traditional means of delivering the message.

WABC morning man Imus is No. 21, one notch below overnight “Coast to Coast” host George Noory, whose show recently was dropped by WABC.

Two hosts heard in New York on WNYM (970 AM) are in the top 25: Mike Gallagher at No. 19 and Michael Medved at No. 23.

Curtis Sliwa, the new morning host at WNYM, is No. 87.

New York’s two largest talk stations both are well represented in the top 100.

WABC (770 AM) has four of its five daytime hosts in the top 25: Imus, Rush, Sean and Levin.

Its other weekday hosts – John Batchelor, Doug McIntyre and Joe Scarborough/Mika Brezinzki – are all in the top 250. After ranking the top 100, Talkers lists another 150 hosts it considers important.

WOR (710 AM) has three top-10 hosts, with Beck, Savage and Dobbs. Dr. Joy Browne is No. 27, Steve Malzberg No. 56 and Joey Reynolds No. 76. Morning man John Gambling is in the top 250.

WFAN (660 AM) has morning team Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton at No. 35 and Mike Francesa at No. 48.

The top 25:

1. Rush Limbaugh

2. Sean Hannity

3. Glenn Beck

4. Michael Savage

5. Dr. Laura Schlessinger

6. Laura Ingraham

7. Dave Ramsey

8. Mark Levin

9. Lou Dobbs

10. Thom Hartmann

11. Ed Schultz

12. Joe Madison

13. Neal Boortz

14. Mancow

15. Doug Stephan

16. Alan Colmes

17. Jerry Doyle

18. Bill Handel

19. Mike Gallagher

20. George Noory

21. Don Imus

22. Jim Bohannan

23. Michael Medved

24. Stephanie Miller

25. Bill Bennett

{David Hinckley-NY Daily News/Noam Newscenter}


  1. theres always that one guy who says exactly the opposite of every one else and like always it boggels the mind how he came to that conclusion.and there is nothing like a good “YEMACH SHEMOm” to top it off well done #1…not!

  2. You are wrong it is the other way around
    All Liberals talk show host Yemach Shemom
    Your head is not in the right place you must be sitting on it

  3. #1: Your hate filled, vitriolic comment (and curses!!) are typical of the fringe left. Rush, Sean and Mark are true American patriots and some of the best friends of Israel we have in the broadcast community. They stand for limited government, individual liberties and free market principles. Precisely the very things that make this country great. Barack Obama and your buddies on the Left have a totally different vision (nightmare) for the country. The people realize the danger of the Left, and are flocking to Right Wing radio and TV.
    Your comment is truly delusional.

  4. These guys pass no laws, have no legal authority and all they do is voice opinions. In contrast, congress passes laws and mandates, enforces the laws and mandates and tries to stifle opposing opinions, yet you say that they are responsible for the destruction of our country? Have you started Purim early?

  5. The destruction of our country are the peta people the sue the universe people. the computer and most of all the lack of privacy in peoples
    lives.It is also the attitude of give me something for nothing or I go to court

  6. I think its fair to say that everyone has learned a few good lessons after the Grossman murder and that is that the likes of rush limbo are far from das torah and das torah is not as shallow and black and white as rush and his cronies while they seem very similar at times to what the torah is telling us but if we speak to das torah who has a kluri kup without all these persuassive talk show brain washers we will see that limushil reb shach said giving away land could be a mitzvah to save lifes but hey rush taught us that its our land e.t.c. Das torah is not shallow and das torah doesnt necessarily think obama is so much worse then bush was so why fill ourselves up with shtusim lets learn from the Grossman business that our torah knows better and has the facts

  7. You have a valid point but two things:
    Firstly, please use some commas and periods in the future.
    Secondly, chas v’sholom that someone would think of a goy to represent daas torah! However, these conservative talk show hosts do represent a more moral approach to societal issues than most of the shmutzig world. For that, and their stance on Israel (whether it conforms to daas torah or not), we acknowledge their efforts.

  8. I think the torahs sense of morality is way more superior and way deeper then how lihavdil rush or any other know it alls claim. now remember morality is a very loose word, because one person could define morality and say abortions are against morality period, while the torah says that when a woman is suicidal (like the shita of the tzitz eliezer) or the doctors are saying that they could either save her life or the babies, well the torah says abort. while so called religious people like our president did when he faced the option of either saving the babies in his case or the mother well the president said keep babies alive cuz they take precedence over the mothers life. well this is hefech das torah, while rush and other conservatives will probably agree to him. and so the torah is not liberal or conservative, and there are no black and whites in our torah period. the frum oilim should stop listening to these talk show hosts, and should rather listen to rabunim in the car


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