Rush Limbaugh: Obama Is The Nation’s First ‘Anti-American President’


rush-limbaugh-obamaRush Limbaugh joined the tirade over the proposed Islamic center in lower Manhattan on his radio show this week saying that liberals will allow mosques near Ground Zero but not Walmarts. And he

has a point. There are no Walmarts in New York City despite multiple attempts to open one here, Ground Zero or otherwise. And the resistance to open one comes from both the unions and community groups.

Rush said that by supporting the group’s right to build, President Obama has revealed himself to be un-American:

“We thought Obama was our first post-American president, we might have under-estimated him: our first anti-American president.”

Click below to listen to Rush’s remarks:

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{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Build a Hindu temple?

    Does he know that the Japanese practice Shinto?

    Is that not the epitome of irony? He passes comment on world religion but doesn’t know the basics?

  2. Amazing that matsav pusblishes such silliness that doesnt make sense and helps pollute klal yisroel and publishes so many articles about RL who is the ultimate menuval in addition to lying every day by suppressing the facts about the stories he remarks on daily.

  3. this windbag is an idiot & shows it almost everytime he opens his obscene mouth; from here you see limbaugh is anti-Constitution, namely the 1st amendment
    (I do believe that another site should be chosen due to the divisive result)

  4. George Orwell,

    You really sound like big brother. The lies come from the the liberal press and their mainstream medial professional liars.

    With Rush you have a chance of hearing the truth rather than the constant distortions of the insane and evil anti Semitic Left.

  5. All the people that are against the “mosque” (it’s a cultual center) are for school vouchers.Guess what ? If there were school vouchers there would be 100 muslim schools in brooklyn instead of one.

    Which one would be worse ??

  6. The first Anti-American president was Abraham Lincoln, who during the Civil War NULLIFIED the constitution and declared martial law, the only president in history to perform such an egregious abuse of the rights of the nation’s citizens. Woodrow Wilson, FDR, JFK, Carter, Clinton, and now Obama are also Anti-American (of these, one was a racist (Wilson), and 3 are anti-semites).

  7. No vouchers would be worse.

    With vouchers there would be more Yeshivos and the existing Yeshivos would be better supported.

    With Torah Hashem we need not fear any adversaries.


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