Rush Limbaugh: Obama Looks ‘Demonic’

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rush-limbaugh-obamaConservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Monday rolled out a new attack on Barack Obama, charging that the president looks “demonic.” Pointing to a recent picture of the president highlighted by the Drudge Report, Limbaugh improbably declared during his show Monday that there are no other photos of “an American president with facial expressions like this.””These pictures, they look demonic,” Limbaugh said, in comments later posted on his website.

“It is strange that these pictures would be released,” Limbaugh said of the images, which were taken by a wire service. “It’s very, very, very strange.”

“An American president has never had facial expressions like this,” the conservative insisted. “At least, we’ve never seen photos of an American president with facial expressions like this.”

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  1. You dont have to follow in the footsteps of the biased media by posting a headline which is clearly out of context.
    To say the president looks demonic, sounds childish and foolish, that is until you read the article where he eas referring to specific pictures that they may have purposely released to show him that way

  2. Here is a man coming like a meteor out of an unknown background, without a authentic birth certificate, no extant school transcripts, & taking the sole superpower into an unknown and unfriendly future.
    What would YOU call such a person?
    I would call this a Shin Daled.

  3. He was referring to a picture where he did have a very strange look, with both arms uplifted in fists, and a face displaying rage.

    If you were to put up the correct picture his statements would be clear, because that was my reaction to it – that no President has been displayed like that. The picture was on Drudge Report, a major source of the Rush information.

  4. This is ridiculous! I don’t like a Obama as a president and I don’t like his policies but saying he looks demonic is just silly. He looks no more like a demon than any other president I’ve ever seen. Turning to name calling i order to get a point across just makes a person sound desperate and foolish.

  5. I think that Rush is using up and abusing his credibility by making such statements.

    Better take issue with Obama on the things that really matter,like the economy and healthcare and Iran and North Korea.

    I didnt vote for Obama and never would, but not cause he looks demonic but because he dosnt know what the Hell hes doing. Everything he does is based on this ideology VS what makes sense.

    But I still think Obama is a nice guy and would join him for a beer anytime.

  6. Yes, there was an e-mail circulating a few months back describing a head of state. ALL that read the description with any knowledge of history assumed that it was refering to Adolf Hitler YM’S. But when you scroll to the end of the e-mail it lets you know it is Barak Obama

  7. It is very disingenuous of matzav to post Rush’s comments, and not the picture he was referring to. The picture above is a file photo, and not the one Rush was referring to. In fact, Rush is entirely right.

  8. Yidl: now, now… I think that Limbaugh’s birth story is completely irrelevant to his rights, and calling him a “shed” is going much too far…

    Oh, you meant President Obama? Obama’s released his certificate of birth from Hawaii, his birth was announced in the local newspapers at the time, and verified by Hawaiian state officials.

    He has never RELEASED his school transcripts, but there’s no doubt they EXIST.

    What do YOU call a person who mindlessly parrots idiotic talking points that have been repeatedly proven false?

  9. #11
    You talk tongue in cheek but I mean what I say.

    If there is a birth certificate, then show it to the world & don’t have it “verified by some official”. The reason this guy doesn’t do this, because HE CAN’T!

  10. Yidl: Please try to get your facts straight. Obama has already released a certified copy of his Hawaii birth certificate. His birth was announced in the Hawaiian newspapers of the time. There is no shred of evidence that suggests otherwise, and every possible piece of evidence that proves the obvious has already been produced.

  11. # 12 he has!! you can see it on the internet. if you claim it was photoshoped well you obviously wont be pleased no matter what so stop making fake demands


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