Rush: Modern Liberalism Is a Series of Lies

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rush-limbaughRush Limbaugh called President Barack Obama a “trickster artist” whose goal is to “make government necessary.”

The president, he said, is just the current example of the concepts of liberal ideology, with roots that go back “since the day the country was founded.”

Limbaugh’s radio show on Thursday was devoted to a “celebration” marking the 25th anniversary of when his talk show began broadcasting to a national audience. The purpose of the anniversary show, he said, was to “illustrate how the Democratic party hasn’t changed, how the American left hasn’t changed.”

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“For 25 years I’ve been trying to explain liberalism to people,” Limbaugh said.
He then began a discourse explaining the concepts of liberalism – as practiced by the contemporary American left – and said that there is a “battle for who is going to define this country.”

“The left has designs on the country. They don’t believe in the constitution. They don’t trust that people will do what they want them to do if left alone. Liberals must control everything, or as much of everyone’s life as possible, in order to create what they want,” he said.

Speaking to why liberals hate him so vehemently, Limbaugh said, “It isn’t personal.” He said he is a “threat,” and that “anyone who they perceive as a threat must be destroyed.”

Calling political correctness “speech censorship,” Limbaugh said that slowly over the past 60 years, “People have been conditioned not to stand up for themselves.”

“Liberalism is a series of lies,” he said. “Liberalism can’t survive in an unrigged contest in the arena of ideas.”

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  1. I see more articles about Rush Limbaugh on Matzav than Moses. I guess maybe Rush parts the red sea for many of the antisocial yidden who hate tomorrows future. Too bad that liberalism is clearly a way to cross that parted sea. Good luck.

  2. if moreinu, rabbeinu, harav, hagoan, hatzaddik rush said it… it must be Halacha Moshe m’Sinai!

    I am starting to think that matzav is trying to become part of the eib network.

  3. liberalism is one step from socialism and communism and fascism and totalitarianism and nazism (yes nazi was a political party)

  4. To comment 3:

    Liberalism is a step to the right and behind the fascists who hate America. And you are standing next to that dirge.

  5. This ‘rush’ fellow, who matzav idolizes, would disagree vehemently with the Torah’s system of enforced wealth distribution.
    btw – to #3 – liberalism and fascism are on opposite ends of the political spectrum.

  6. The trash people like Rush spout are closer to the trash you would hear from neo nazis then most things even the most liberal people say. Why this guy is held in high esteem by many frum people is beyond me

  7. Liberalism a mental sickness, which has gotten out of hand and is worse than ever and it is the prelude to socialism, communism, fascism, no doubt.

  8. Hey Libs!

    Do you know why there are no (or very few) Liberal talk show hosts?

    Because Liberals only call people names and curse at them. They have nothing intelligent to say.

    Name an intelligent Liberal. (Oxymoron)

  9. to # 6:
    “Torah’s system of enforced wealth distribution”??? – what are you smoking?! – tsedaka is not enforced by a point of a sword, tsedaka is donated by G-d fearing conscious individuals – the opposite of the fascists communist system.
    “liberalism and fascism are on opposite ends of the political spectrum”??? – Nazi stands for nationalist socialist, American progressives of 1920’s were big fans of Mussolini, JFK’s WW2 era diaries reveal Hitler love, Communist party supported Hitler ascend to power in 1933, Russian Commies and German Nazis were all Molotov-Ribbentrop bodies until 1941.


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