Rush: ‘Moot’ Point for Me to Endorse Trump Now

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Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh is sticking by his policy of not endorsing during primaries despite mounting pressure to unite behind presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, NEWSMAX reports.

A caller to Limbaugh’s nationally syndicated show on Monday told Limbaugh that since the billionaire real estate developer is now the presumptive nominee, it is time for Limbaugh to make an endorsement in order to “almost ensure his election.”

“I think it’s a moot point now!” Limbaugh shot back. “Look, I’ve never endorsed in primaries. I’ve never made it a big deal,” he said. “I’ve tried to always downplay it to boot. I don’t live under any delusions here that people are going to make up their minds on these serious things just ’cause I happen to tell people who I’m for.” Read more at NEWSMAX.




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