Russia Claims Syria Air Defences Shot Down 71 Of 103 Missiles


The Russian military has claimed that the Syrian air defences, whose most modern weapon is a three-decades-old Russian-supplied anti-aircraft system, shot down 71 of 103 missiles fired by the US and its allies, the UK and France, a claim denied by the Pentagon.

Russia said its advisers had spent the last 18 months completely rebuilding the Syrian air defence system, and said the high number of intercepted rockets spoke to “the high effectiveness of the weaponry in Syria and the excellent training of Syrian servicemen prepared by our specialists”.

The US denies Russia’s claims and says the missile strike had a 100% success rate, destroying several factories that manufacture chemical weapons.

Read more at The Guardian.





  1. Russian propaganda. The Syrians fired their rockets AFTER the coalition’s weapons did their job in a futile attempt to look like their military is actually useful against the coalition.


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