Russia Committed War Crimes In Ukraine, UN-Backed Inquiry Finds

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Russia’s “systemic and widespread” practice of torture, rape and killing of civilians during its Ukraine invasion is tantamount to war crimes and possibly crimes against humanity, according to a UN-backed report, the NY Post reports.  The report, released Thursday, cited a raft of alleged Russian abuses, including accusations that children were forced to watch loved ones being raped, or detained near dead bodies.

The report also pointed to Russia’s ceaseless assaults on Ukraine’s power grid — robbing wide swaths of the population heat and electricity in winter — as another potential crime against humanity.

Though many of the abuses were public knowledge, the findings could bolster efforts to prosecute those who committed the atrocities either in International Criminal Court or individual countries’ judiciaries.



  1. Big deal. And Fauci committed war crimes right here in the United States of America! Yet the liberals continue to cover up for this murderer.

  2. Setting this up may face the drive to brag a justice.

    Very striking how bad Russia conducted war.

    This war has been hard to watch from the USA. Hard gang of black thugs. Russia will never be forgiven until it has a complete class change. The tight finance of this strong folly is cunning stupidity.

  3. The only thing true from this false report is the photo of the REAL President Putin who died several years ago.

  4. Of course, these allegations must be absolutely proven with truly Emes proofs that these alleged crimes actually did occur and were actually committed by these alleged people


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