Russia Denies Claims It Removed Eli Cohen’s Remains From Syria

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Russia denied on Wednesday Israeli media reports suggesting Russian operatives had exhumed the remains of former Mossad spy Eli Cohen from Syria.

“We resolutely refute the fabrications of a number of Israeli media that Russian representatives allegedly removed from Syria the remains of Mossad agent Eli Cohen, who was executed in Damascus in 1965,” the Russia’s embassy in Israel said in a statement.

The embassy responded to a report on Monday by Israel’s Channel 12 which said Syrian opposition groups claimed that a Russian team had exhumed the remains of former Mossad spy Eli Cohen, lauded in Israel as a national hero for the sacrifices he made for the benefit of public service.

“We call on Israeli partners, including journalists, to be very careful, professional and honest when addressing such sensitive issues. Responsibility for possible negative consequences of this provocation lies on its organizers and performers,” the Russian embassy concluded.

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