Russian El Al Leaflet Presents Israeli Map – Sans W. Bank, Golan

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israel-el-al-russiaLeaflets carrying the El Al logo, which were handed out to passengers in Russia include a map of Israel that seems to be missing the West Bank and the Golan.

The leaflet that was handed out to passengers at Moscow’s airport, created a furor among many Israelis who have already sought out the company’s Facebook page in order to express their grievances. Yet the company claims that a foreign source is behind the leaflet distribution.

The leaflet includes El Al’s company information, its development, transportation details, lounges and more.

The map in the leaflet points out central cities and notable sites in Israel but the West Bank seems as if it has been “bitten” out of the map while the Golan doesn’t even make an appearance.

At the top of the leaflet readers will find the El Al Russian website address – – which is the correct address, but no such map appears or is mentioned on the website.

El Al said in response: “Following the publication of the leaflet map image, we wish to make it clear: All of El Al’s official publications include the official map of Israel.

“An initial probe reveals that the leaflet is not an official El Al leaflet and no such official leaflet has been published on behalf of the company. We will continue to look into the matter.”

{Ynet/ Newscenter}


  1. Hopefully, the ElAl officials are telling the truth and these leaflets have not been published by ElAl Airlines. Unfortunately, the anti-Israel (anti-semitic) frenzy is gaining steam very rapidly.


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