Russians Rank Stalin As The ‘Most Outstanding’ Person In Country’s History

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An opinion poll shows that a majority of Russians think Soviet leader Josef Stalin was the “most outstanding person” in history.

The survey by the Levada Center released Monday said 38 percent chose Stalin, in a stark contrast to just 12 percent in 1989 when Russians were beginning to discover the crimes of the Stalin regime. The poll of 1,600 people has a 3.4-percent margin of error.

Tied in second with 34 percent of the vote was President Putin, who shared the second place slot with the great patron of Russian Romantic verse, Alexander Pushkin. Read more here.




  1. This is disgusting. Hate forgets its past.

    The Stalin regime was brutal. 12% noted favor 30 years ago now 3 times that?

    Case in point what dead dreams and drunk hate do to war. Many comparisons to 2016 America where holocaust lies are forgotten and another rasha is elected.

    Cute his daughter is an orthodox jew. We should see Hashem’s comedy.

    Dream of Survival. Hashem is demonstrating that holocaust education is not strong enough and Torah weak determined in the hands of the wicked.

    We are not at peace for electing Trump. Rights added are not coming.

    • Can’t decide what’s worse: your butchering of the English language or your mindless adherence to the DemocRats. Are you aware that nazis and fascists were a socialist ideology phenomenon, that it was the communist party that cast their tie breaking vote for Hitler in the 1933 elections, that Mussolini was the American progressives’ darling in 1920’s, that the abortion movement was started by the racist eugenics proponents, that the mentors of the current DemocRatic establishment were segregationists and KKK members?! But hey, don’t let the facts burst your “safe space” bubble.

      • What about UFOs? Left them out?

        Mussolini always was the darling of the Right,and socialism of National Socialism simply meant that they would help the patriotic little guy

        They were both were opposed by the old traditional elements,who considered them young whippersnappers.
        They in turn considered the Old elements out of tune with whatever is “needed to be done”.
        They however all hated and were hated by the progressives

        The Communists were fooled into voting for the Nazis,to bring down Democracy.Within a year most would be in prison en route to the KonzentrationLager

        • Study history before you make a fool out of yourself. Woodrow Wilson was a right winger?! And commies did not read mein kampf before electing Hitler to power?! By the way, 1933 elections was not the only instance of Stalin propping Hitler: in the first half of 1930’s, in order to circumvent Versailles treaty, German tank crews and airplane pilots would routinely receive their training in the Soviet Union; and I’m not even mentioning Stalin’s and Hitler’s conspiracy to start WW2, i.e. Molotov Ribbentrop pact. But please ignore these facts, so as not to strain your liberal mind.

          • Actually the training went on as far back as 1926, before Stalin.
            And sure they were both devious as Gehenom,but they were also fighting each other by proxy in Spain.

            And yes,Woodrow Wilson
            was a “right winger” on domestic affairs.
            He was a Liberal on International Affairs
            (a bit too much in my opinion).
            But that nuance would be too difficult for ya.

          • Cohen M, you can’t just admit your ignorance, can you? Are you trying to say that Wilson’s domestic policy was not liberal enough for your taste, or are you trying to deny that Woodrow Wilson belonged to the progressive wing of the democratic party, and always was a hero to the US progressive movement? Are you going to continue feigning ignorance that Stalin propped up Hitler, including providing advanced military training for the German army decimated by the Versailles treaty? Are you going to deny that Molotov Ribbentrop pact assured Hitler that Stalin won’t attack on the eastern front, thereby allowing Germany to invaide Poland, so as to provoke France and Britain into the war? Try wiggling your way out all you want – the bottom line is that the progressive movement has its roots in fascism, racism and eugenics, while accusing conservatives of precisely the progressives’ evils, in great chutzpah and cynicism, all Goebbels’ style.

      • Nazis weren’t a socialist movement despite what it says in the name.i mean according to that logic D.P.R.K. is democratic.

        • So the nazis were just a bunch of free market capitalists who just happened to introduce government control of economy, waved the red flags, and celebrated May day?!

  2. If the not-so-bright among us are Obama vorshipers, why can’t the not-so-sharp Russians nostalgicaly reminisce about their dictator?! Read Animal Farm to understand the mindset of the socialist mob and its leaders.


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