Ryan: Hillary Shouldn’t Get Classified Info

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During an interview on The Kelly File last night, House Speaker Paul Ryan gave a scathing indictment of the FBI’s decision to not recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton.

Based on Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as secretary of State, Ryan added, “I think the DNI—the director of national intelligence—should block her access to classified information, given how recklessly she handled this during the presidential campaign.”

In his statement early Tuesday, FBI Director James Comey described Clinton’s behavior as “reckless,” but said that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.” Ryan said Tuesday night that Comey “shredded the case that she’s been making all year long,” adding that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has been “holding herself to a different set of standards” and believes herself to be “above the law.” Read more at Fox News.

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  1. …and what happens when she becomes president? Then she can start receiving classified information? Anyone that votes for her doesn’t really care about this country.

    • Anyone who votes for Trump cares for white supremacists, neo-Nazis, racists, nativists, and Vladimir Putin.

      Trump would never get a security clearance even for a low level job with a defense contractor. His financial house is not in order. He owes too much money to a German bank that is under investigation. He has past
      business dealings with known organized crime fronts. He illegally ran a fraudulent university. And he can’t control his mouth. Any ONE of those would result in him being denied a clearance.

      • And Hillary Clinton?

        Her shady financial dealings going way back to her days in Arkansas and continuing right through until today with the Clinton Foundation’s taking money in exchange for favors, some granted in her capacity as Secretary of State and not in America’s interests, takes crony politics to an entirely new level of corruption.

        She has business dealings with countries that are known backers of terrorism and touts herself as a champion of women’s rights while accepting millions from countries that have horrific humans rights records, and she does nothing for the women suffering under those regimes. And she threatened women who dared to expose her husband’s, ah, improprieties and enabled his predatory behavior.

        She knowingly exposed top secret information to potential hackers and has lied repeatedly to the American people about everything from her landing in Bosnia under sniper fire to Benghazi to her email server. Anyone who votes for her cares nothing about human rights, honesty, integrity, the sanctity of life, oh, and Israel.

        I am far from a Trump supporter. At this point, to my sorrow, I am not planning on voting in this election because I have no one to vote for. But to say that Hillary is worthy of being trusted with national security and Trump is not is ludicrous.

        • Excellent post, except for your last paragraph’s conclusion. I’m in the same boat as far as thinking both candidates are awful, but that won’t stop me from voting.

          Nobody would choose to have a limb amputated, but if that limb is cancerous and the choice is amputation or death, everyone would select amputation. Likewise, between Horrible Hillary and Terrible Trump, one is less bad than the other and once I decide who that is, that’s who I’m voting for.

          FWIW, I’m leaning toward Trump, mainly because of the anti-Israel slant the Democratic party has recently acquired.

    • Anyone that votes for her doesn’t really care about this country.
      And anyone who votes for Trump is an un-American bigot.

      How about we skip the hyperbole and look at the facts. We have two very (even gravely) flawed candidates to choose from and voting for one of them doesn’t mean we agree with everything that candidate has done or said, but rather that we feel this is the best of the options currently available.

  2. Obamanation manages not only to get himself above the law and not be responsable for lying repeatedly on camera to the american people he has also managed to shield his freind\concubine from taking responsability for her actions, with these 2 stooges the country is starting to look like Mexico

  3. Ryan is hot hip mood. Hillary might be president. She must do her job.

    Government is not the jail cell. She jabs no manner of bad given joke in light of the investigation but one thinks she might be smarter.

    Still Ryan tries to excite the hate. This is bigoted and her future clearance will depend on her job. Why make such hate commentary? Obstructionist hate from the GOP.


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