Ryan: Trump Comments Are Textbook Racism

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House Speaker Paul Ryan said in a press conference today that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s recent attack on a federal judge’s Mexican heritage is “sort of the textbook definition of a racist comment,” the Daily Beast reports.

The Donald has called Judge Gonzalo Curiel “a hater” and questioned his ability to oversee a lawsuit regarding Trump University because of his background. Curiel is from Indiana.

Ryan clarified, however, that he continues to endorse the real-estate mogul for president and that he believes Trump is still the best way to achieve the GOP’s policies.

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  1. what a phony! when the supreme court voted 7-1 just last week that a black man who was convicted for murder 30 years ago by a white jury, couldn’t have gotten a fair trial based on the color of their skin, that’s not textbook racism?!?!?! When the leftist media screams every second day how the white justice system, police departments, army etc. etc. etc. is all racist, bec. whites can’t treat blacks, hispanics, etc. fairly, that’s fine, but when a white man say it “it’s textbook racism”? Come on Ryan, you pandered enough. You’re exactly the reason a loose canon like trump got the nomination. People are just fed up with your kind of transparent politically correct pandering and bending over backwards to placate anyone other than your base. You and those like you destroyed the GOP – not Trump. Trump is just a symptom.

  2. You idiots threw out Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio. Now YOU are left with the out-of-control Trump. Thank you.


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