Ryan: We’ll Repeal Obamacare

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paul-ryanRepublican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is still talking, mostly because he’s the chairman of the House Budget Committee. And he’s coming after President Obama.

“Yes, our budget does promote repealing Obamacare and replacing it with a better system,” Ryan said on Fox News Sunday.

The proposed budget will be rolled out later this week. Ryan had lunch with Obama at the White House on Thursday.

Read more at Washington Post.

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  1. i must say the post that i see here are all very intelligent! and purposeful! paul ryan and the other members of his commitee are fighting a losing battle! obama will never sign to repeal obamacare unless the new plan is called by his name as well, and it may even be neccesary for the originators of the plan to give him full credit for this one as well and call it by his name

  2. i luv how helpful henny shares her pompous opinions as if the are brilliant deep thoughts that are worth sharing!!! sorry to burst her bubble but your comment fits right in with the rest of them silly ones

  3. Ryan has the intelligence of a speaking canary and a talking microphone of impunity. His idea that we need to repeal an act is like washing your backside fourteen times over again. Really the answer is to study the program and pass more legislation to modify the situation. Lets not move back to the dark ages.


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