Sam Nunberg Apologizes to Sarah Huckabee Sanders for ‘Fat Slob’ Remark

Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg apologized to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Tuesday, saying it was wrong of him to “attack” her physical appearance. “Sarah’s very talented,” Nunberg told The Daily Caller, the morning after he called Sanders a “fat slob” on television.
“It was a rude comment. I understand she was just doing her job, and I think she does a very good job under rough circumstances… I owe her an apology. I was having a rough day.” After insisting that he wouldn’t spend “80 hours” sifting through his emails to comply with special counsel Robert Mueller’s subpoena, Nunberg said he is now in the process of “sifting through and copying his emails”—crediting MSNBC guest Professor Maya Wiley for convincing him to do so while on-air. He stated that he still “doesn’t know” if he’ll show up to the grand jury scheduled on Friday. Nunberg’s media meltdown on Tuesday came after The Washington Post dropped a story saying he would “refuse” to comply with Mueller’s subpoena. Read more at THE DAILY CALLER.



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