Sammy Erez z”l

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sammy-erezA terrible tragedy occurred Monday night, when Sammy Erez of Flatbush was hit by a train last night at the corner of M and 16th Avenue in Flatbush.

Mr. Erez , 34, was the president of the very popular Superior Leasing at 1204 Coney Island Avenue. Mr. Erez formerly worked at Meridian and was also a former member of Flatbush Hatzolah.

Sammy was a well-known figure throughout the Brooklyn Jewish community and beyond. He worked formerly at Revival Health care, was involved in politics, and served as a clergy liasion in Brooklyn.

Yehi zichro boruch.



  1. sammy what a great friend of mine with a big heart who went out of his way for anybody that need it help he will be missed from all his friends and just to let you he was not engaged to be married.

  2. He was hit by a train on avenue M and east 15th street after falling onto the tracks. It is unknown whether he had a heart attack or was pushed off the platform.

  3. wow new him my whole life,never forget his most amazing constant smile
    .lived next door to my grandma always was helping her.

  4. We were blessed to have him in our lives.
    a “Lamid Vavnik” who was a true descendent of Aharon HaCohen. He lived the words
    ‘Ohaiv Shalom V’Rodeiph Shalom’. He must all learn from him. He never judged anyone. Gave his all to klal Yisroel, in body and spirit.

    He was somaiach b’chelkoh

    HaShem is gathering the pure souls as we approach the coming of Moshiach.

    I am his mother’s friend and his friends’ mother.

    There is an emptiness in my heart that cannot be filled.

    Aaron Shmuel, please be a malitzh yoshur for your family, friends, and lal Yisroel.

    To my friends, Esther & Natan,and to Elisheva, Moishie, Yehudah, and Yaakov-HaShamayim Yirachaim and give you nechamah.

  5. sorry for the spelling errors. spoke from the heart.
    “He must all learn’ s/b ‘We should all learn’.
    ‘and lal Yisroel’ s/b ‘and klal Yisroel’.


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