Samsung’s New Folding Smartphone Will Set You Back $1,999

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Would you fork over $1,999 for a smartphone? Samsung hopes many people will.

The South Korean smartphone maker’s latest device, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, is the most expensive smartphone in Samsung’s current lineup and will go on sale Sept. 18, the company said Tuesday. The folding smartphone will be available for pre-order starting Sept. 2.
The Z Fold 2, first revealed in August, is Samsung’s newest device with a foldable display — a 6.2-inch front screen and a 7.6-inch inner screen when the device is unfolded. The company is touting its “ultra-thin glass” and upgrades to the hinge mechanism between the two displays that it claims will make the phone more durable.
Samsung is also adding new VIP benefits to help make the Z Fold 2’s hefty price tag a bit more palatable, giving customers who buy the phone access to Michelin star restaurants as well as several golf and country clubs around the United States.
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