San Antonio’s Robert E. Lee High School to Change Name

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The school board of Robert E. Lee High School in San Antonio, Texas, voted to change its name in the face of increasing pressure after the Charlottesville riots.

The entire board voted for the change, compared to a 5-2 vote to keep the name in 2015.


The school got rid of the Confederate flag in 1991. A petition for changing the school’s name was backed by 12,000 people. Read more at Fox News.



  1. The Leftovers lost because their candidate was a huge failure because of her evilness and corruptions causing them to become malicious beyond belief and lash out at anything and everything. Instead of allowing these handful of wild animals the power to destroy historical sites and monuments, behead statues of generals, burn historical books, destroy films and arts and bring anarchy to the country, they should be shot or arrested. WHAT HAPPENED TO LAW AND ORDER?

    • Who’s talking about capital punishment for being “a liberal, left-winger or Democrat”? You must be an editor of one of the fake news out there that you read into things that never happened.

      • Comment #1, which is right in front of your nose, says “they should be shot or arrested”.
        And on the “You must be a…” topic, you must be a “fake newser”, a close relative of “9/11 truthers”, who denies facts you don’t like even when they’re right in front of your face.


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