San Bernardino Terrorist To Victim: ‘You Will Never See Israel’

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Sayed Farook Nicholas ThalasinoAccording to the pastor of one of the victims of the San Bernardino terror attack, just weeks prior to the deadly shooting, Sayed Farook told Nicholas Thalasinos—a Messianic Jew and fellow health inspector—“You will never see Israel.”

Pastor Bruce Dowell of the Shiloh Messianic Congregation in California told Sean Hannity on Friday’s radio show, “[Thalasino’s] wife told my wife… [Farook] said to Nick ‘you will never see Israel.’ That’s according to his wife, Jennifer and that comes straight from my wife. She was with her for the last two days.” The pastor said Farook told that to his congregant “face-to-face” approximately two weeks before the attack.

According to Dowell, Farook was the county food inspector for the region, and a colleague had recently done a walk-through with him at a Christian camp. The pastor said he did not know Farook but that his son did, telling Sean “my son said he wasn’t an overly friendly individual.”

Dowell said Thalasinos was a deacon with their congregation who served faithfully. He was also a conservative and fan of Sean Hannity’s. “He absolutely did love you. He is very conservative in his views…He was always talking about your show,” said the pastor.

Courtesy: Sean Hannity Show



  1. How’s the victim a Jew? He had a Greek name and was a member of a Christian cult that calls itself messianic. Sorry for the man, but don’t call him Jewish.

  2. How can you call the victim a Jew if he believed in Yushka? IMO, that’s an insult to the memories of all the kedoshim who died al kiddush Hashem because they steadfastly believed in Hashem not in a dubious human substitute.

  3. this guy is nothing more than a sheged…if he is the connection to Yiddishkite and the terrosist act in California then there is no connection…


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