San Diego Students Wear Jewish Stars In Protest of Islamophobia

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yellow starIn an controversial effort to protest Islamophobia, an Iranian-American professor from the University of San Diego led her students on campus wearing the yellow star badges with “Muslim” written on it, similar to the Holocaust-era stars Jews were forced to wear by the Nazis.

Bahar Davary, professor of theology and religious studies, told the Washington Free Beacon that the protest last Thursday was a “class/campus project to raise awareness against Islamophobia. It is not intended to make an analogy between the current situation of Muslims in the US to that of Jews in Germany and wider Europe before the Shoah.”

“We realize that it is a stark symbol that carries a lot of weight and meaning today not only for Jews but for humanity,” Davary added. “That is as it should be, if we are to learn anything from our collective history. The yellow Star of David with the word Muslim written on it is a symbol that my students and I wear with utmost respect for the memory of the Jewish lives lost.”

The idea originated during Dahary’s class “Islamic Faith and Practice,” an introduction to Islam, the Times of San Diego reported. She estimated that over 100 stars were being worn by students and faculty members on campus.

Dahary also advised her students to not wear the stars off campus “in case the meaning is misunderstood.”

StandWithUs, a pro-Israel advocacy and education organization, criticized the move by Davary.

“While protests against anti-Muslim bigotry are understandable and legitimate, using the Holocaust in this inappropriate and shocking way serves to trivialize and deny meaning to the unspeakable horrors that Jews suffered at the hands of Nazi Germany,” said StandWithUs San Diego area director Sara Schoonmaker, The Blaze reported.




  1. Of course, the parallel is so accurate, but please remind me: How many acts of terror had the Jews of Europe engaged in? How many were outwardly hostile to the hist country? I keep forgetting.

  2. Immoral acts all over the world are being performed for the sake of allah. The perpetrators proudly announce they’re spilling blood for his sake. Therefore, sane people who want to protect their own lives want to make sure that those allah-worshippers stay as far away from them as possible! What in the world does that have to do with the shoah? Certainly not the Jewish side, but maybe the other one (German). In general, I find comparisons to the shoah as distasteful, to say the least. A person does not have to draw comparisons to horrible genocide to make a point. But this is abhorrent. Further, specifically because it is coated with altruistic motives and “objective” liberal overtones it is particularly sinister. Everyone knows that the main Muslim hate is Israel/Jewish-centered and if this professor doesn’t then she’s naïve, and someone ought to tell her.


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