San Jose, California,Capital of Silicon Valley, Builds Eruv after Years of Planning

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Following a decade of planning, Kehillas Am Echad of San Jose, California is celebrating the completion of the San Jose Community Eruv.

Until this point, San Jose was the only city of the 10 largest cities in the United States that did not have an Eruv. Now that situation has changed and the members and families of the Am Echad community will be able to stroll with their babies and young children to shul, and enjoy Shabbos with the community.

To create this policy, Rabbi Menachem Levine, mara d’asra of the growing community of Kehillas Am Echad and Ephraim Lindenbaum, the president of the Eruv worked with many lawyers and experienced civil engineers.

The process to receive the permits for the Eruv was long and complicated. In order to receive the permits for construction using highway barriers, the Eruv team worked with Caltrans, California’s Highway System, to create a new state-wide Eruv policy for all of California. As a result of this, creating Eruvin for other communities will be a far more streamlined process in California.

An Eruv Celebration and Night of Appreciation is planned for Sunday, October 29th.



  1. Mazal Tuv, This is great news B”H”. I could only imagine, how much effort Harav Levine (the Rav of Kehilla Am Echad), Eruv community and the lawyers put in to overcome all these red tapes and hurdles with the state of California and surrounding government agencies to get the required permits.

  2. I’ve had the privilege of davening there a few times while I was on business in Silicon Valley. What a beautiful community. May they continue with hatzlachah!


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