Sanders Call For Trump To Step Down After Franken Resignation

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Sen. Bernie Sanders suggested Sunday that Trump should follow in Sen. Al Franken’s  footsteps and resign over the allegations of misconduct that have been leveled against him.


Sanders’ call on Sunday echoed recent statements by Sens. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), who have also urged Trump to resign over the reports. Read more at The Hill.



  1. Chanukah Message from Meir Yisroel

    Well I think that everybody that has at least half a brain can see clearly that the world as we know it is in huge danger. Religious Jews who have any kind of true Jewish education will know that everything that is happening today is clearly brought down in sources like the Zohar, the Nevuas, the Chumash and Tehillim etc. Therefore, I think we can safely say that we are very, very close to the Geula Sheleimah. Unfortunately, the non-Jewish world, for the most part, is ignoring all the prophecies and going head on into the battlefield. Since the Twin Towers was destroyed in a very questionable way, the world has been sliding into World War Three. What has been happening from the time of the destruction of the Twin Towers until now is forcing wars to begin all over the world. It seems totally illogical. It seems very strange!

    The war in Syria has been going on for over six years and threatens worldwide involvement that could bring World War Three. The whole appearance of ISIS, a relatively small group supposedly threatening the world and now suddenly for the most part they are disappearing, fading away. The immigration of Millions of Arabs to Europe and being accepted with open arms especially by the Germans, this sounds like a plot out of a horror movie. There isn’t a place in the world that is not somehow involved in some kind of war and very soon with a little push of a button the whole world will join together into a World War that no one wants to believe is going to happen. But it will happen! It’s happening already and for those of you who have mocked, Chas Vesholom, the Nevuas and what is written in the Zohar etc., there is a big surprise waiting for you, bigger than you ever dreamed. And all of the so-called Jews who think they can water down their Yiddishkeit because it’s not suitable to what they want to do or because it’s cramping their lifestyle and their desire to do Aveiros, will shake from fear when Hashem, The Master of All, The Creator of All in Existence, will reveal to you in the harshest way His great infinite might. He will show you His power! He will reveal to you His glory and you will be shaking with fear and awe! Those Apikorosim, those haters of True Yiddishkeit will either immediately do Teshuva and say Shema Yisroel or disappear from existence.

    Not the Russians who are Reshoim, not the Americans who are Reshoim, not the English, the French, Germans, the Swiss etc. can fight any war against Him. He will, so-to-speak, pick them up throw them around together with the whole earth and then save only those who recognize Him as the Hakol Yachol, only those who are truly and completely subservient to His will can survive and be able to live in the world that is Kulo Tov. So, all of Hashem’s children, His true children, the children that He gave His greatest possession to and that is the Torah, the eternal Torah, which they accepted wholeheartedly at Har Sinai will be saved! Kislev 5778 2 This coming week I feel will bring very frightening news to the whole world and as we get closer and closer to Chanukah I feel that the world situation will get stronger and more frightening every moment.

    Much of the news, the real news, is not publicized but still it leaks out to individuals who pass it on from one to another! The world is in a desperate situation but Am Yisroel don’t worry. Hold on to your Torah. Hold on to Hakadosh Boruch Hu and destroy all of your false gods and we will be saved IY” H. Those Jews Frum or not Frum, that think that they can twist the Torah to suit their own wants and lustful needs, I am warning you it will cause your downfall meaning that existence will no longer tolerate people who deny the Truth! So, I beg Am Yisroel, the ones that seem far and the ones that seem close, do Teshuva with all of your hearts and souls and if you do, you will be part of the most heavenly spiritual completely satisfying experience that will never end.

  2. Can it Bernie. He knows the world will not be in good shape after 3 more years. We can just think it is easy. Just keep saying “I bum out to grand standing” all day to yourself and you can make it through the work day. He does.

  3. when Franken actually steps down then we’ll maybe have a discussion about it. for now, though, dems cant talk since Franken didnt actually step down


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