Sanders’ ‘Jewish Outreach’ Director is an Israel-Hater Extraordinaire

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Bernie Sanders was an early target of #BlackLivesMatter protesters, who hijacked his campaign rallies, issued a statement declaring him utterly and totally useless, and even managed to inspire the satirical #BernieSoBlack hashtag.

Sanders, who was raised Jewish, should at least have support among the Jewish community, right? He should, except that Sanders has devoted himself more and more to progressivism as his spiritual center, reports TWITCHY.

Enter Jewish outreach director Simone Zimmerman, who doesn’t impress Noah Pollak, executive director of the Emergency Committee for Israel:

Kinda digging how Bernie handling perception he’s anti-Israel. Hired a Jewish outreach director who’s a professional anti-Israel activist.

Bernie’s new Jewish outreach director signed a 2012 letter attacking UC system for issuing a report on anti-Semitism

Bernie’s new “Jewish outreach director” @simonerzim called on Hillel to promote BDS on campuses in 2013 

How so?

TWITCHY reports that Zimmerman not only supports the BDS (Bernie Derangement Syndrome) movement against Israel; he’s no fan of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee either.

Here’s Bernie’s new Jewish outreach director calling Hillary a racist because she criticized the



  1. Well, we all know Israel disproportionately retaliated by killing 35 quintillion Palestinians in Gaza.
    They also targeted hospitals, schools, orphanages and animal shelters.
    The Gaza tunnelers were building a subway system! For abused women! And orphans! And minorities!
    Break up the Big Banks! Break up the Small Banks! Break up the Piggy Banks! If he still played for the Giants, break up Carl Banks!
    Cranky Old Uncle Bernie for President! Or else!


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