Sanders Pledges To Allow Prescription Drug Imports On First Day In Office

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Sen. Bernie Sanders on Thursday pledged to allow the importation of cheaper prescription drugs from Canada on his first day in office.

The statement from Sanders, who has long made lowering drug prices a top priority, shows his efforts to highlight how far he would go on the issue.

“There is no rational reason why insulin and other life-saving medications should cost ten times more in the United States than Canada,” Sanders said in a statement.

“On day one of my administration, I will direct the Secretary of Health and Human Services and FDA Commissioner to allow pharmacists, wholesalers and patients to purchase FDA approved prescription drugs from Canada,” he added.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Let take a fantastic journey
    Let’s go visit Planet Bernie
    Drugs are legal, drugs are free
    Get high as you’d like to be
    Your eye doc’s free and so’s your gastro
    Bernie’s left of Fidel Castro
    Our green deal worked out just a planned
    Cars and planes and trucks are banned
    Borders must all be abolished
    Trump’s built walls will be demolished
    For the Mideast, his brilliant plan
    Abandon Israel, boost Iran
    What brain power! What a sage!
    A grand an hour the new min wage!
    The Sandinistas have arisen
    All GOPers are in prison
    His leftist dreams he’ll be indulging
    With finger jabbing, eyes a-bulging
    If it helps him stop pollution
    He’ll gladly shred the constitution
    Bernie’s grand scheme isn’t hidden
    Being wealthy is forbidden
    How can you not be a fan
    Of Comrade Bernie’s five-year plan?
    You’ll love it here, it’s oh-so-nice
    In Bernie’s worker’s paradise

    • 12:10 you are the best!!! Does it come to you only after chatzos halaylah? Otherwise, post more often with pen-name.

  2. OMG this is too funny!!!! Bernie is pledging to do…..WHAT TRUMP IS ALREADY DOING!!! HAHAHAHA!

    Sanders has been in congress since the early 90’s. Where can I find the bill he has written and submitted for a vote?

    Oh, yea, there isnt one.
    He has been the laughing stock of the Senate since the day he arrived.

  3. On Planet Trump,
    We meet and trust dictators more than our own Security Services.
    We hate immigrants and try to make sure that even refugees from war torn areas do not try to come here.
    We try to take away healthcare from Millions and we separate babies from their parents at the border.
    We let people die because they lost their job and can’t afford outrageous premiums.
    We let drug and insurance companies charge 10000% markups on drugs because they have a monopoly.
    We tweet angrily against private citizens and against companies that we dislike their owners.
    We raise tariffs against China and we put thousands of Farmers permanently out of business. We give them temporary bailouts and subsidies but we would never call that communism.
    We chant “lock people up” and then we have many of his own really locked up.
    We chant to “send back” American citizens.
    We name our family members to important posts in the government who have no experience.
    Give me Planet Bernie over Trump’s any day.


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