Sanders Pulls Back Lie About Gaza War Casualties

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Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders has admitted to a misstatement about Palestinian casualties during the 2014 conflict between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas.

After a phone conversation between the senator and Anti-Defamation League (ADL) CEO Jonathan A. Greenblatt, Senator Sanders issued a statement clarifying that his recollection that there were 10,000 civilian Palestinian civilian deaths was inaccurate and that the interviewer corrected him in the course of the conversation – a correction that he accepted.

“The senator assured me that he did not mean his remarks to be a definitive statement and that he would make every effort to set the record straight, Mr. Greenblatt said. “We appreciate his responsiveness on this issue, especially at a time when there are many false and incendiary reports blaming Israel for applying disproportionate force in its struggle for self-defense.”



  1. I don’t trust the old bag for a second. He is whats wrong with America. Bernie is a bigot and a racist. He hates Jews and Israel like poison. That is why he moved out to Vermont.

  2. Man if he was a Republican, he’d be toast ut Dems can do no wrong! Lies, Defamation, Misinformation; it’s all a day of fun at the fair!

  3. He should go to be with his Rebbes Marx and Stalin. The warmer temperature there might defrost his rotting senile conscience,

  4. Gosh, I always thought there was an element of kavannah, when a statement is labeled a lie. The whole context of his speech, in which the statement appeared, indicates it was at worse b’mayzd. Thanks for this important correction. I wish some of my rebbeim were still alive, to counsel me on how I fouled up their teaching.


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