Sanders Says He Backs Abolishing Electoral College

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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders on Thursday night said he favored getting rid of the Electoral College.

Sanders was pressed on the issue at a presidential town hall hosted by the League of United Latin American Citizens.

“It is hard to defend a system in which we have a president who lost the popular vote by 3 million votes, so the answer is yes,” he said.

Sanders had previously made similar remarks, but stopped short of calling for abolishing the voting body.

“Presidential elections cannot be fought out in just a dozen ‘battleground’ states,” he told The Washington Post. “I believe that we need to reexamine the concept of the Electoral College.”

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  1. I actually agree with Bernie on this one. Although I’m glad that Bush v. Gore and Trump v. Clinton ended up with the electoral winners that they did, in a vacuum it seems a no-brainer (to me) that the popular vote should decide the winner.
    And yes, I will concede that counting only popular votes diminishes smaller states’ importance, but af al pi kain.

    • Except we all have a right to be counted….and the smaller states wont….so we stick with what we have done until now. The only reason this is on the table is because poooor poooor Hillary didnt make it. Thank G- d it was HIS WILL that we have these laws!!!! He knew in advance how catastrophic it would be otherwise and B” h spared us .

  2. Yes abolish electoral college, so Calif and New York will elect all the rest of our presidents and the rest of the country need not vote. With all the illegals and getting drivers license who will know if they are legal voter and with the millions being added, plus the dead the rest of the country will have no hope in being heard. What a zitz.

  3. Getting rid of the Electoral College will still not make him win and neither would Hillary have won because she lost even the non-fraudulent popular voters.

  4. In a federated representative republic, it is necessary to have a check on the repugnance of popularity. While electoral interference from yellow journalists never seems to enter the conversation, it is exactly why the Electoral College must remain and this process must continue. Popularity, as with wealth, doesn’t guarantee good governance. We have many multi-millionaires in legislatures and they can’t govern better than cow manure can fertilize concrete. We have a populist representative, who has made occasional use of the frontal cortex, and cannot govern or contemplate the representative role in governing. In short, we is Rome.


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