Sanders Under Fire For Remarks On Population Control


Sen. Bernie Sanders has came under fire from conservatives on social media Thursday after he said he would be open to discussing population control as a means to combat climate change.

The presidential candidate made the comments on Wednesday at a climate town hall on CNN after he was asked by an attendee about rising populations and how the planet “can not sustain this growth.”

Sanders response, seen in the clip above, quickly sparked outrage from conservative media figures, including CNN host S.E. Cupp, who said Sanders was talking about eugenics when he made the comments.

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  1. I thought this type of talk was only from Anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists…
    Well… think again.
    conspiracy has gone mainstream!!!

    • That’s right. Mainstream media are finally saying that “Crazy Conspiracy Theorists” were right all along!! If it were up to Sanders, he’d bring back chemtrails that drop deadly chemicals from the sky to control population, that President Trump has b”H almost eradicated. He will force Big Pharma to manufacture even more deadly vaccination to control population.

    • Not everything is tied to vaccines. Bill Gates has been spewing his population control nonsense for many many years but ignoramus’ such as yourself chose to ignore it. You blindly believe whatever your government or local councilman tells you. A classic Obama voter. Instead of listening to people who educate themselves on the issues, you choose to believe MSNBC.

  2. of course they have control over their bodies so why dont they? why are some women awarding control to some men so that they can now legitimize murder?

  3. Any person – and certainly presidential candidates – who drops G-d should never, ever, ever be trusted for anything. If someone doesn’t have fear of Heaven, they have no fear of humans and – like Sanders – would bring about a population control even if it means mass murdering of millions of people. Read what it says on the Georgia Guidestones and you’d understand the mentality of these corrupt elite.

  4. Alas he is about 77 years too late with this wonderful idea. His parents should have been offered the choice to control the population by not having him.

    This would also have prevented 77 years of hot air emisions and might have saved the planet.


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