Sanders: ‘US Should Treat Palestinians With Dignity They Deserve’


As top Democrats in the 2020 presidential nomination race clashed over health care and other priorities in Wednesday’s debate, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders received applause from the Atlanta crowd when he said the US should take a tougher stance on Israel.

Sanders comment came as the front-runners were asked if they would take a tougher stance on Saudi Arabia, considering its human rights abuses.

Sanders responded that he would be less conciliatory toward the Saudi Kingdom, but added that “the same thing goes for Israel and the Palestinians. It is no longer good enough for us to be pro-Israel, I am pro-Israel, but we must treat the Palestinians with the dignity they deserve.”

Sanders proceeded to call the economic crisis in the Gaza Strip as “unsustainable.”

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  1. Liar. Propping up the terrorist regime in Gaza is an anti-Israel stance. If Sanders cannot be honest, he cannot be trusted in public office. Reality is that there have been countless failed efforts to treat Palestinians with dignity. They have not asked for kavod. They seek monetary aid for “humanitarian reasons”. The stupidity lies in believing that these animals have any connection at all with humanity. They will not spend any of that money to create jobs. They will pay salaries to terrorists, they will purchase and create weapons to murder Israeli civilians, and they will build military installations to train and launch terror attacks. That’s all they have done for years, and they have never changed their goals or aspirations. Supporting that isn’t dignity. It’s supporting terror against Israel. I have nothing but the tefilos that anyone adopting such positions be showered with loss and disgrace.

  2. You missed the best part when he was discussing Gaza and brutal dictatorships and the brutal dictatorship that he was referring to was Israel.

  3. Bernie is absolutely right. The key word here is deserve. So once we decide what kind of dignity terrorists and murderers deserve we are good to go.

  4. Mr. Sanders you low life liberal (lev arel) Tell me again why I should treat the Palestinians with dignity? Is it because they shoot thousands of rockets at civilian targets? Is it because they carried out Suicide bombings in the early two-thousands. Is it because they continue to stab, ram, and throw stones in order to maim and kill innocent jews. Perhaps its because Abbas continues to pay for slay. Should I continue? You’re a disgusting man Mr. Sanders.


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