Sarah Palin: Feds ‘Stockpiling Bullets’ To Use Against Us

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palin1Sarah Palin says America will eventually default on its debt and claims that the federal government is “stockpiling bullets in case of civil unrest” to prepare.

“If we are going to wet our proverbial pants over 0.3% in annual spending cuts when we’re running up trillion dollar annual deficits, then we’re done. Put a fork in us. We’re finished. We’re going to default eventually and that’s why the feds are stockpiling bullets in case of civil unrest,” Palin wrote in a Facebook message Tuesday.

The former GOP governor of Alaska was referring to the sequester, the automatic $1.2 trillion cuts in federal funding that take effect Friday unless lawmakers reach a deal.

“D.C.: Cut the Drama. Do Your Job. Americans are sick and tired of yet another ginned-up crisis. D.C. needs to grow up, get to work, and live within its means,” wrote Palin, the GOP’s 2008 vice presidential running mate of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

She continued: “The real economic Armageddon looming before us is our runaway debt, not the sequester, which the President advocated for and signed into law and is now running around denouncing because he never had any genuine intention of reining in his reckless spending.”

Palin wrote that she wants lawmakers to “stop the hysterics.”

“If we ARE serious about putting our fiscal house in order, then let’s stop the hysterics, tighten our belts, and take our medicine.


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  1. She is 100% right.

    However, the real danger to America is the toeiva agenda. In March, the supreme court will decide on this issue and if toeiva marriage is deemed legal, America will be in very grave danger.

    The toeivaniks can do whatever they want right now without any restraint. They want to have insurance rights and force their point of view on us.

    The promotion of marriage in America is to encourage families that will have children that are decent citizens that will help build up the country. Right now, much less Americans are getting married and having children and the population gap is being filled by illegal immigrants and Muslims that have large families. This is the reason for the decline of Europe.

    We have to pray to Hashem and need to be prepared for self preservation primarily through service of Hashem with bitachon, Torah and tefilla.

  2. I completely agree with posting No. 1
    We are witnessing the decline of America as we know it.
    Moshiach sits at the Gates of Edom,ie., the US.

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