Sarah Palin: Nuclear Weapon in Iran’s Hands Could Lead to ‘An Armageddon’


nuclear-facilityFormer Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says a nuclear weapon in the hands of Iran could “lead to an Armageddon” and a world war that could “decimate so much of this planet.” Palin made her comments to the conservative website, which posted excerpts of its interview online Monday.

Palin said the U.S. should keep the military option on the table, along with sanctions and negotiations, in support of its allies, including Israel.

Regarding a potential 2012 presidential run, Palin said that would be a matter of whether the country is ready for someone who is “out of the box” or if it wants someone “a little bit more conventional, maybe more electable.”

She reiterated that her focus, for now, is on the midterm elections.

{San Francisco Examiner/}



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