Sarah Palin to Air Security Agents: ‘Profile Away’

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airport-screener-pat-downsSarah Palin isn’t short on opinions. The 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate weighed in on airport security, questioning why it is “politically incorrect” to profile suspicious persons at airport security gates.In a Friday Twitter posting, using web shorthand, Palin urged the Transportation Security Administration to “profile away” whenever national security is an issue. “We profile individuals/suspects in other situations,” she tweeted.

In a second posting, Palin wrote, “law enforcement profiles individuals/suspects when seeking info 2 prevent or deal w/other crimes; why can’t this be done @aiport 2 prevent?”

Her remarks come at a time when public resentment is growing over full-body imaging and intrusive pat-downs by TSA agents. The Obama administration — and the Bush White House before it — opposes profiling at airports, seeing it as unfair to individuals who could be detained based on their looks. Juan Williams, the Fox News commentator, recently lost his job at NPR because he said he gets “worried” aboard planes when he notices other passengers in Muslim garb.

On Friday at Reagan National Airport, just outside Washington, Rep. John Boehner — soon to be Speaker of the House —
was not subjected to the full-screening as he boarded a plane for Ohio, the New York Times reported. Boehner had said he would fly commercial on trips back to Ohio, rather than take a costly military plane as is the custom of the current speaker, Democrat Nancy Pelosi of California. Boehner, dressed casually, was whisked around the security line Friday, the Times said. But a spokesman for the Republican leader said he has not requested any special treatment. When he becomes speaker in January, Boehner will be third in line for the presidency, after Vice President Biden.

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  1. Actually, they do profile. I was singled out repeatedly for “special” attention even though I am white, regular looking haredi person in the late 50s, together with a bunch of Japanese. Neither of us really have a history of engaging in terrorist attacks.


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