Sarah Sanders On Impeachment: Pelosi Is Making A Big Mistake


Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders says the Democrats are going to help President Trump get reelected in 202 with their ‘ridiculous impeachment sham.’



  1. I have yet to here any concrete diffenative proof of any wrong doing. 1 person admits he himself assumed the aid was held up for quid pro quo when in fact it was an attempt to get others to pony up their share of the aid. It’s all been conjecture assumption rumor and hearsay. No direct evidence what so ever. Anything done behind closed doors is subject to dismissive due to the fact it’s authenticity comes into question as to accuracy I for one would never trust anything second hand it’s like taking a rumor for fact when it’s never even close

  2. How much money has this process cost the American tax payer? As a retired military veteran on a fixed income this is ridiculous. Instead of trying to help the people that put them in office they sit around and lay awake at night and think of new schemes to waste time and money on. How much work have they actually accomplished for their district and the country? NONE


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