Sarah Sperling and Chosson Kobi Celebrate Miracles, No Wedding Date Set Yet

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Sarah Sperling and her chosson, Yaakov (Kobi) Kastelenitz, reunited yesterday for the first time since Kobi was hit by a bus and hospitalized.

Kobi was crossing the street on Sderot Golda Meir in Yerushalayim earlier this week when he was struck by a bus. Kobi sustained head and chest injuries.

His kallah, Sarah, a 20-year-old resident of Neve Yaakov, has been recovering since suffering her own injuries in the tragic Bus 402 crash that claimed the lives of six people.

Family members say that they are amazed by the open miracles that Kobi experienced in his accident and the fact that he escaped without any serious injuries.

“We haven’t yet set a date for the wedding,” Kobi said yesterday, adding that he asks the public to give him and his kallah some privacy as they each convalesce and do their best to navigate what has been a trying few months for them both.

All are asked to daven for both Yaakov Yitzchok ben Chana and Sarah bas Dinah.

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